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Current studies

Here is a full list of the addiction group's current studies. If you would like to participate in any of these and live in the Merseyside area please email the relevant researcher for more information.

AlSAP 2.1.: A smart-phone app based assessment of alcohol use and cognition

We are seeking healthy volunteers to take part in a study that evaluates a smartphone ‘app’ that assess cognitive processes and alcohol use. The study lasts one week and requires you to attend the department of psychological sciences to complete some questionnaires about alcohol use and a computerised task. You will then be given a smartphone containing an app that contains a simple 5 min task that you must complete three times per day for one week. You will also be required to state how many units of alcohol you consumed on each day. Participants who complete the study will receive financial compensation upon return of the smartphone.

We are seeking participants who are aged between 18 and 50, fluent English speakers, regular social drinkers (consume alcohol on at least one occasion in an average week) and beer is their favourite choice of an alcoholic drink. Participants who have ever been diagnosed with, or treated for, alcohol use disorders, are pregnant or currently breastfeeding, or have colour-blindness are not eligible to take part.

For further information about the study, please contact Mr. Panos Spanakis at

  • The effects of alcohol on comedy perception
We are seeking healthy volunteers to take part in a psychology experiment which investigates the effects of alcohol on comedy perception.

Volunteers are required to attend laboratories in the School of Psychology, on the University of Liverpool campus, for one experimental session which will last approximately 1 hour.

During the experiment, alcoholic drinks will be provided.  Participants will also be asked to complete questionnaires and tasks.

In order to take part, you should be a healthy, social drinker, aged above 18 years, and a fluent English speaker.

Unfortunately you cannot take part if there is any chance that you are pregnant, or if you are unhappy with consuming alcohol as part of the study.

Participants will be compensated for their time and effort with a high street voucher (love2shop)

If interested, please contact Natasha Clarke, email:


We are seeking healthy volunteers to take part in a psychology study which investigates the relationship between evaluations of pictures of chocolate, attention, and categorisation speed. Participants are required to attend a laboratory in the School of Psychology, on the University of Liverpool campus, for an experimental session that takes no more than 75 minutes. During the session participants will provide ratings for different pictures, make choices between different pictures whilst their eye movements are recorded, and categorise pictures as quickly as possible by pressing keys on a keyboard
In order to take part, you should be:
  • A fluent English speaker,
  • Have normal or corrected to normal vision. Unfortunately, participants who wear glasses cannot take part
  • Consume chocolate regularly (at least once per week)

If interested, please contact Lisa: . You will be then sent a Participant Information Sheet.

Attention & Reward

We are recruiting 30 healthy volunteers who fulfil the following criteria:

1)   Are aged 18-35 years
2)   Fluent English speaker
3)   Are regular alcohol drinkers. You should only participate if you drink alcohol at least once per week. You should only participate if you drink alcohol at least once per week and drink at least 10 alcohol units per week. For example, there are 10 units of alcohol in three and a half pints of lager OR five 175ml glasses of wine.

If you meet these criteria, then you are eligible to take part. However, you CANNOT take part if you meet any of the following criteria:

1)   Have been diagnosed as colour blind.
2)   Wear glasses (contacts are fine).
3)   Have an aversion/allergy to vodka or lemonade.
4)   This study also contains one questionnaire of a sensitive nature (consisting of questions relating to one’s home/family life) – individuals who may be particularly concerned or upset by such questions should NOT take part.

The study takes place during a single lab session during which you will be asked to complete 3 computer tasks while your eye-movements are recorded by an eye-tracker.

Overall the experiment lasts approximately 1hr 15m.


All participants will be compensated for their time.


Volunteers required for online survey

We are seeking healthy volunteers to fill out a short online questionnaire about the effect of prize information on willingness to pay for alcohol. This will take approximately 10 minutes. 

Volunteers must:
- be 18 years or older
- be a UK resident
- drink more than 14 UK units per week (roughly 6 glasses of wine, 6 pints of beer/cider or 14 shots)
- like beer and / or cider, and drink them regularly

Volunteers will be entered into a prize draw for a chance of winning 1 of 4 £10 Amazon vouchers. 

Click here to access the survey, or contact the researcher for more information:


Volunteers required for online study

We are looking for volunteers to complete a short online questionnaire about alcohol, personality and other people’s drinking. This will take approximately 10-15 minutes.

Volunteers must be aged 18-25 and speak fluent English.

Volunteers can choose to be entered into a prize draw for £100 worth of love2shop vouchers.

Just click the link below to take part.


Drink Less: A free app to help people reduce their consumption of alcohol

Are you interested in drinking less but not sure how to go about it?

Drink Less is an app created by a team of psychologists at University College London to help people reduce their consumption of alcohol. The app is easy to use and feature-rich, with content derived from theory-based behaviour change techniques and the best available evidence.

The app allows you to:
·         Keep track of your drinking and see how it changes over time
·         Set goals for the targets that are important to you and get feedback on your progress
·         Complete a daily mood diary in order to better understand the effects of your hangover
·         Play games designed to strengthen your resolve to drink less alcohol
·         Create plans for dealing with situations when you may be tempted to drink excessively
·         Take part in exercises designed to change your relationship with alcohol

This is also part of an experiment designed to allow researchers to understand what helps people to drink less. So downloading and using the app will not only allow you to improve your health, it will also help many more people do the same.

You can use the app fully without taking part in our study and can opt-out at any time.

Please note, the app is currently only available for iPhones.

The app can be downloaded here: and our web site is

The development of the app has been funded by the National Institute for Health Research School for Public Health Research (NIHR SPHR), the UK Centre for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies (UKCTAS) and the Society for the Study of Addiction.

For more online psychology studies visit:

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